Wednesday, February 20, 2008

housework musical

As I am typing even now, my children are glued to the television
watching High School Musical - the first movie.
We own the 2nd but had never seen the first.
(Please don't call cps.....I swear I am cutting down on their
tv hours....really I am.)
This past rainy weekend we let the kids each pick out a movie
to rent and Will picked out HSM. Oh how we heart Zac Efron!
So Will is memorizing moves and wearing clothes
like Zac's character, Troy Bolton-
Wildcat heartthrob. Singer and dancer extraordinaire.
And I am not kidding you, people, those tunes are catchy
and I find myself flinging down my dish towel, mid-dishes,
and throwing up jazz hands and leaping from the kitchen into
the midst of my dancing children.
And I think that if my life could be a musical, I would enjoy it more.
I really would.
I know what you are thinking.
You are thinking, sweet stars in heaven,
please not one more post about laundry!
But you know what?
You need to have a little grace when it comes to me and laundry.
Because it rules me. It really does.
It is my current cross that I must bear. Unending piles of laundry.
And I was just thinking, if all of the sudden I burst into song,
(sung to the tune of HSM song "We're all in this together!")
There's always so much laundry!
I feel faint
And I cain't
Get it done,
I'm undone!
There's always so much laundry!
Oh the stains!
What a pain!
And I am out of detergent!

(Everyone chant together...)
Everybody shake your derrière!
17 loads and it's no fair!
That's the way we do it! Let's get to it!

I would lead out with some funky moves and
my children would be prancing around,
folding underwear, emptying hampers and
Scott would centipede down the hall from his office,
with a guest rap solo,
and as we finished pairing the last pair of socks of
the very last load of laundry ever,
we would all fall into each others arms, hugging, laughing,
feeling truly fantastic about the laundry being done.
It could work, tsgs, it really could!
Any of you who would like to serve as back up dancers and singers
are truly welcome.
Get your jazz shoes and fabric softener sheets ready.
I've got another load of laundry
just sitting here waiting for your arrival.


henryjz said...

I've been hesitating on commenting on your blog because it is meant for "tsgs"es. I'm not one of those because I am of the male persuasion. My wife made me read some of your posts a month or so back (starting with the time you went to try on that dress that you thought was God's sparkly will for your life). I laughed SO much. I am a children's pastor and hear much of what you write about from moms as well as from my wife. Thanks for being an encouragement to them... and to those of us guys who secretly read your blog and laugh and cry along with you (I cried when you wrote about your son's spelling bee). This was just TOO funny! I especially liked your rendition of "We're All In This Together."

Erica said...

I totally laughed outloud at Scott doing the centipede down the hall from his office, because....well, I could picture it! I say do it! Just hearing about it has inspired me to break out the Suavitel. Haha. Love you!

Amy said...

We went to see High School Musical on Ice. That was incredible! I felt so eighties-I cannot believe Ice Shows are still around.

But the skating and the production were top-notch.

Leslie said...

LOL! I would join you in the dance, you know I would! When the music calls, we have no choice but to obey its demands! By the way, I would pay good money to see the Aughtmons in their own musical. I think I'll start taking up a collection right now.

Lori R. Olsen said...

Too funny...I had to forward it to lots of my mom-friends...who have all watched HSM maybe 1x too many! I'm thinking you should either make your own music video w/ your rendition, or send it to Anita Renfroe & see if she'd pay you some royalties for using it...that was great! Still think the video in your own house...w/ Scott & boys too would be best!(smile!) Great timing...could use the laughs oldest "baby" turned 13 today! Yikes...I'm a teen-mom!

Shane said...

Sue, you crack me up! I would be in your musical, but only if you recruited me as I'm walking out of Burnett Hall to go study the night of the performance! For a guy, reading your blog is liking watching Gilmore Girls as a guy, and I'm not saying I do... my wife does.

susanna said...

So glad all of you are with me in embracing the musical theater genre!
And Henry, anyone who laughs and cries with me and other tsgs is ALWAYS welcome here! Blessings on you!

Lindsey said...

Can I just tell you how much I enjoyed this post??? So cute, so cute! I was literally giggling.

Here at my house, we do love a musical. I do believe life would be better that way. Now if I could only sing....

Jessi said...

All I can say is that I knew the song well enough myself that I could sing it using your lyrics without skipping a beat... Yeah, I confess to bursting into HSM renditions myself around the house! Although, I think my sister was concerned when I started singing along when we hear the music in the mall (but I know she does the same thing at home!!!)

Jekissa said...

Sue- I'm with Erica...I laughed out loud as I pictured Scott doing the centipede down the hall in the midst of the singing and dancing and laundry! You are hilarious! I would totally dance in your video (since you are the one who taught me how to shake my hips.) And I also know the song so well that I could replace the lyrics with yours. Your version rocks! :)

angela said...

Sounds like a great time to bust out the Roger Rabbit! No, seriously, I think the most unlikely thing about your scenario is the matching socks part. That would never happen.

angela said...

Hey, I have to add that I'm picturing your "musical" as a commerical for Tide. Maybe you should pursue advertising;)

Aly said...

she's crazy and i like it...i am very proud of the creativeness of that song very nice very nice i think i can "bet on it" that there will be maybe some more in the future from you
Love you the most

amy said...

My friend forwarded your blog to me and I had to laugh when I read this about HSM. My DD 6 is obsessed with HSM! She has so far spent her own $ on a T shirt with Zac's face on it that say's I heart Troy and the Gabriella doll with microphone from HSM2. She is now saving to decorate her room HSM. At any given time there is at least one HSM song going through my head! I can't get away from it! My DD has decided that she wants to go to Hollywood and make her own Musical, Home School Musical, since we home school!