Thursday, June 12, 2008


This morning I was chatting with my sister, Erica,
on the phone and it beeped twice. I wasn't sure if the phone
was dying or I had voicemail or if there was an incoming call.
It's a new cell phone. I got a new cell phone last week
because Addison threw my other cell phone in the kiddie pool.
So I am not yet quite familiar with all the beeps
and what not of this new phone.
I glanced at the screen and it was a call coming in.
Restricted ID. Not a number I recognize.
I let it go through to voicemail and kept chatting.
Because Erica and I chat about important things. At least 3 times a day.
But almost immediately another call came through.
Restricted ID again. So I told Erica,
"I better go. This person is really trying to get through. I'll call you back."
So I click over.
"Hi! Is Jack there?"
This question is placed by someone who sounds remarkably like one of the Chipmunks.
Pause. "Yes....who is this?"
"This is Mark." It seems Mark is very happy.
There is a whole lot of joy in his voice as he anticipates talking with Jack.
"Just a second."
I take the phone out to Jack. 1st grader.
"Jack, it's Mark....FOR YOU...."
He grabs the phone.
"Mark! That is so awesome! I love that! YA! Do you have a pen?
And during this conversation I am staring at Jack as he's chatting on
my cell phone like some stock broker with a deal going down.
"Here, Mom." He hands the phone back.
"What was that?"
"That was Mark."
"I know that. Who is Mark?"
"A kid from school."
"How did he get my cell phone number?"
"I wrote it in his yearbook so he could call me."
"In his yearbook?"
"How many yearbooks did you write my cell phone number in?"
"Anyone who asked."
"Why was he calling?"
"He needed my login code for Webkinz. It's awesome!"
"That is...awesome." And with that, he went back to playing legos.
I'm pretty sure at least 37 children have my cell phone number
written in their yearbook.
And at any one moment I could receive an urgent call about Webkinz.
I called Erica back and let her know
about the pandering of my cell phone number and my apparent Webkinz hotline.
She spoke deep words of wisdom into my soul.
It's time for a land line.

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Lindsey said...

As usual with your posts, I was laughing. Very funny!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

That is so ... funny.

And yet so ... awful.

I bet you will have a bevy of first graders calling you all summer.


(Did I understand this right? You don't have a land line? That's so Gen Y of you.)

Kara said...

Jack is getting phone calls? In 1st grade? And everybody has YOUR cell phone number?

Oh girl. That is priceless. Better get a new cell phone.

Hee hee

Jessi said...

EVERYTHING about this post could have been an exact scenario at my house!! Hilarious!!

scott aughtmon said...