Wednesday, November 26, 2008

birthdays...giveaways....and rocky road

This past weekend was spent celebrating Scott's 40th birthday.
Which really neither of us can believe has happened.
I told him just yesterday,"You don't look a day over 35."
To which he responded, "And you don't look a day over 32."
I am very quick to remind him that I am not 40 but you should
should know that as I was perusing Target yesterday I saw a shiatsu massage seat
that you strap to a household chair for $99.99 and I thought to myself,
"Now that would be a truly luxurious Christmas gift." And I was serious.
So while I am not yet 40, my body thinks it is 73.
Next I will be asking for tubs of mentholatum and fiber supplements.
But back to Scott's birthday, we took it back to the old school, people.
Back to the day when Scott used to have a rap ministry and wear parachute pants.
Because we believe there's no party like an old school party.
We think we got the perfect picture for our Christmas card.

Scott got to re-live the good old days with his college roomies and friends.

There is nothing better than spending time with people you love and wearing bling.
Through out the weekends festivities, I couldn't help checking up on the giveaway comments. Because I am addicted.
And more than anything, I have enjoyed the fact that the item that has
received the most comments is the Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe-Joes
with candy cane sprinkles. I told Scott last night after reveiwing the comments,
"These are my people."
And since you love chocolate like I love chocolate, I felt sure you would want
to hear of the Thanksgiving tradition that I best love. (How is that for a segue?)
My mom would always make Rocky Road candy on Thanksgiving day.
And as we were waiting for the turkey to be done and for the many sides to be put
together, us kids would eat the Rocky Road. BEFORE DINNER.
I believe therein lies the magic of the Rocky Road tradition.
You were expected to eat it BEFORE DINNER. And I see nothing wrong with this.
So in case you would like to whip up a little before dinner candy
Here is the low down.

Rocky Road
2 bags of chocolate chips (either milk or semi-sweet - your preference)
1 bag mini marshmallows
chopped walnuts or chopped pecans

Melt chocolate in double boiler. Spread 1/2 melted chocolate in 9x13 pan.
Sprinkle half bag of marshmallows. Sprinkle nuts - however many or little
looks good to you. Cover with remaining melted chocolate. Refrigerate until hard.
Use a table knife to chop into chunks. Eat to your heart's content.
My brother-in-law Kevin, says I am no longer allowed to show up to Thanksgiving
without the Rocky Road. I have roped them into my Rocky Road madness.
I will be signing off for the Thanksgiving festivities.
May your next days be full of family, food and perhaps some pre-dinner candy.
See you back here in a few days to announce the Thanksgiving giveaway winners!

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KCShipe said...

Okay, I think that is an AWESOME tradition :)
The tradition in my family is to make a pie for every person (15 and counting so far) and then have pie night the day after Thanksgiving.

pamelitarose said...

happy turkey day! the kids are watching the parade and I am getting the turkey in the oven. I have to look up turkey cooking every year which is how I found myself online!!

Your party looks like a blast and bling is fun!! Tell Scott happy bday from the Trent and Pamela. We aren't there yet (40) but it is not far off....

Sara@ Butterville said...

NO! You are my kind of gal! Chocolate treats Before dinner. That so rocks! I only do that when we go out to eat. And the looks I get from the server! I found Candy Cane Joe Joe's but NOT the chocolate covered ones. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I wish I could have come to the party! It looked like FUN. Did ya play 'Baby Got Back?' Or Run DMC. Totally dig the old long as the little ears aren't in the room anyway!