Sunday, November 30, 2008

the last lovely day to sign up for the giveaways

So here we are...the fateful day....December 1st...the final day of the giveaway.
(okay I'm actually writing this Sunday night but I wanted to make sure that this post was up by tomorrow morning for my east coast tsgs so I'm typing it tonight)
Anyway...what I was saying is that
at 8:00 pm west coast time December 1st, all of the giveaways will close
and the winners will be announced and all celebrating can ensue.
Just in case you forgot to sign up for any of them click on the link above the will take you there lickety split...and then pass the link along to your fellow tsgs so they can get in on the fun.
Now everybody sing along.
On the 10th day of Thanksgiving tsg's friends
(had to cut out the long intro as it was way too hard to sing)
gave to me -
Rene's Christmas novels,

shiny minty lip gloss,

lovely fancy soaps,

Bizzie Lizzie's zip bag,

chocolate covered Joe Joe's,

cute Bonbon charms,

a very sparkly reindeer,

a very snuggly sleep sack,

Everyday Grace note cards,

and Sara Groves new Christmas CD.

I can't wait to see who wins using the random integer chooser.
All winners have 5 days to respond and then I will start using their prizes for myself.....okay....just kidding....I will draw a new winner.
I hope this giveaway has been as much fun for you as it has been for me.
I am so impressed by all the creativity of the ladies donating items.
Feel free to order lots of Christmas presents for your friends and family from
them even if you don't win.
It is always a good thing for us tsgs to support each other
in our creative endeavors. You just can't go wrong.
Meet back here at 8:00 for the winners. Can't wait.

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Rachel said...

Did I miss it? Have you announced the winners? Does that mean I didn't win anything?