Thursday, November 20, 2008

10th day of thanksgiving giveaway: rene's christmas novels

On the 10th day of Thanksgiving tired supergirl's friends and aquaintances who donated lovely items gave to me -
Rene's Christmas novels,

shiny minty lip gloss,
lovely fancy soaps,
Bizzie Lizzie's zip bag,
chocolate covered Joe Joe's,
cute Bonbon charms,
a very sparkly reindeer,
a very snuggly sleep sack,
Everyday Grace note cards,
and Sara Groves new Christmas CD.
I met Rene Gutteridge at my first writer's conference.
She was 7 months pregnant with her son, John, and she looked so adorable
I had to tell her. And she said after that, I was her new best friend.
Her first novel, Ghost Writer, came out that year.
My first book will come out in 2009....9 years later.
(No one ever said getting published was a walk in the park.)
But Rene is a gifted, talented writer with 14 books to her name and an
even better friend.
And she is giving away 2 of her books to end this giveaway with a bang,
all in the spirit of Christmas.
Boo Humbug - the last in her Boo series.

And The Ultimate Gift,
the novelization of the motion picture that came out last year.

You will thoroughly enjoy yourself, snuggling under a throw, sipping some tea
and losing yourself in these books.
Go over to Rene's website choose a book that looks interesting to you and
come back here and put it in the comments.
It's getting good, tsgs, it really is.
Comments closed December 1. Winner announced December 2

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Paula said...

My life as a doormat looks funny! I would love to win these books

Rebecca said...

It would be hard to decide between Trouble Waters, Scoop and the Ultimate Gift. If only I had more time for reading...

Randi said...

My Life as a Doormat looks like a great read. I love to read and may even have some time during the holidays to read something other than nonfiction!

Little Do said...

I saw the movie The Ultimate Gift and would love the chance to do the comparison between book and movie.

Sara@ Butterville said...

I'd have to say My life as a Doormat and Boo Humbug.
I haven't seen the movie or read the book that might be fun too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Beth K said...

Troubled Waters looks good! Makes me want to head out to the library!

Gayle said...

The Ultimate Gift sounds like a good read. Would love to win a great new book!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving

Jennifer T said...

It is so hard to pick just one book.I tried and still could only narrow it down. I like to start at the beginning of series so I like Boo and Splitting Storm but also think Greetest Gift seems appropriate for the holidays. Any book make me happy!

Erica said...

I read My Life as a Doormat, and that is definitely my pick! I need some new books, so please pick me!

BizzieLizzie said...

Oh, hand's down - I've seen "The Ultimate Gift" and it is one of our favorites - what an awesome family movie to watch together! I would love to be able to read the book - books always have so much more depth to them!! Count me in!!

jenny said...

My Life as a Doormat and Boo. Happy Thanksgiving! (I'm thankful for your blog!)

Amy said...

Boo humbug looks like a good book, I love the Christmas Carol.

Plus I would love to read the Ultimate Gift and see the movie.

pamelitarose said...

Skid, Snitch, or My Life as a Doormat all look really good.

Karen said...

Troubled Waters looks interesting to me. I would love to read a "new" (to me) Christian author!

Grateful Gramma said...

I've read and enjoyed several of her books. Would love to read the Christmas ones. Haven't read Troubled Waters either; it looks interesting.

Rachel said...

I can relate to the title, My Life as a Doormat. The Ultimate Gift looks really good too.

TRACI said...

I definitely choose the Ultimate Gift. Bonus CD by Sara Groves. Oh yes!

Wendy said...

September 2003, Waterbrook Press
"Boo" is charmingly lighthearted but deeply spiritual, with vividly rich characters and unforgettable scenes. A town of religious hypocrites is converted to genuine, faith-filled people by the one man that is least likely to know the first thing about God. A dramatic comedy, it's sure to warm the hearts and tickle the funny bones of all who read it. And its message of faith, love, and forgiveness will impact its readers long past all the laughs.

(Also available on audio book: tape, CD, or MP3 from

I can't wait to start the Boo series! I love her other books.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

The Splitting Storm...I love a good mystery! Or my Life as a Doormat. To this bookworm, though they ALL look good!

Lindsey said...

My life as a doormat. Hmmmm, sounds like my job the year after college.

cheri said...

ok, I loved rene's book scoop!... I guess next I wanna read "snitch"... altho' they all look fun!

The Oswalds said...

I have not read or seen the Ultimate Gift, but would like to. All the books look interesting though.

maria said...

I'd check out Boo - it looks neat!

Mrs. Darnell said...

I think My Life as a Doormat would be fun to read!

ronda said...

You solved my gift giving problem for my dad's wife! She introduced me to the Yada Yada Prayer group series. Now I can introduce her to Rene's books!

Anissa said...

Look like good reads!

Kara said...

The ultimate gift looks totally up my alley! I realized I hadn't commented on this one! I gotta keep my chances up for winning SOMETHING!! :-)

Denise said...

But they all sound interesting. I love reading! Would love to win these books since I've never heard of this author, and like to try books that are recommended to me.