Saturday, June 13, 2009

hotel rooms

I would pay $737,800.20 to never have to spend the night with my children in a hotel room again. If I had $737,800.20.
Last night, right around 9:30 I officially lost my mind yelling out into the night of this hotel room things like,
"Everyone owes me $100 for keeping me awake!" and
"If I hear anyone jumping on the beds, I will officially take you out." and
"For the love of all that is good and holy, if you don't whisper I will
put you on time out for the entire summer!"
Scott was doing a wedding rehearsal for one of our former youth kids
and I was in charge of all the hotel room madness that comes into play with travel.
Hotel rooms take away all of your bargaining chips.
You can no longer seperate the children unless you ban one to the tiny bathroom to play with their batman characters in the sink.
Where can the children go on time out? Under the lilliputian desk in the corner?
Every corner of space is spoken for.
You can't take away tv or you take away your own sanity and the children
take to entertaining themselves by filling up all the flimsy plastic cups they
can find at the mini bar.
When Scott came back to the room I told him, just in case he was wondering,
I would never have made it as a Native American in a teepee.
"Where could you have made the children take a time which part of that
Can you imagine every night of your life sleeping in a rawhide room with all your children....that is why they went for such long rides out on the plains I am sure...because of the thought of what night time held for them back in the teepee.
But I digress. The only redeeming factor is the maid service.
For this I am thankful...if my children are going to drive me totally nuts
at least someone else makes the beds.
Say a strong prayer with me in mind....only two more nights to go.

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Kelly @ Love Well said...

Preach the word, sister.

I've stayed in many a hotel room with young ones in tow. My first stop is the phone, which gets unplugged. Then the coffee maker, which gets put on the high shelf in the closet. Then I take the pen away from the baby, who is inevitably chewing on it. Then I confiscate the tiny plastic bag in the garbage cans.

And on it goes. If we stay in the same hotel for three days or more, we eventually have the room kid proof.

Now the sleeping? A whole 'nother story. Ain't no sleeping in a hotel room with kids.

Traci said...

Sue, I am laughing so hard right now@

Love, Traci

Rachel said...

You forgot to mention whether or not your children snore once they finally do fall asleep. Now that's something fun to add to the equation.

Lois Lane II said...

LOL, oh goodness!! Good luck, girl!

Kara said...

Oh yeah. Hotels are the worst with kids. I'm pretty sure it's legal to use the coat closet as a timeout and underneath the luggage rack and maybe even the bath-tub.

Yeah. I think those are all legal! :-)

Have fun. Hang in there. 2 nights ain't so bad!!

Pamela said...

I am so glad you write about the things that I am sure so many must face.

I had a night like no other in a hotel room on Christmas Eve Eve while my husband was home leading Christmas Eve services. I was achy, feverish, and oh so tired... I was told I was mean and the worst mom ever by my then 9-yr-old. Then my 4-yr-old copied bid sissy and said the same thing. I turned out the lights and went in the bathroom where I prayed no body heard and called child services (what if they believed I really was mean...afterall, I did say no TV. We got in the room at 9:30PM! I then called my husband and cried. How would I ever get home by Christmas Eve...I was a 7 hour drive away?)

But I digress...this is just a comment after all. Having said all this, I will pray for you...

Sugar Baby said...

all i can say is, now you know how i feel when i was stuck in the hotel with the clements kids and your kids for jenny's wedding..hahaha

Jessi said...

Thanks...we were just trying to figure out alternate vacation plans for this year (our rented beach house can't be afforded this year) and I was considering A (as in single) hotel room...for the 6 of us...3 boys under the age of 10 and a 13 year old girl. Having read this...I just might reconsider!! LOL

Just Me,Pilgrim said...

My sister and I still love to stay in hotel rooms and jump on the beds. Then we run out to the elevator and press every button so it goes to every floor, then we jump out and try to look innocent.

We are 36 and 32 years old. We're pathetic. Can you imagine what we did to OUR parents in hotels when we were actual CHILDREN? :)