Friday, November 6, 2009

so I am already two days behind on my grateful posts so this is a 3-in-1

I believe one of the rejection letters I got from an unfeeling editor years ago said
"I can't believe you would write about something so gross. I am disappointed in you."
This was in reference to my book proposal for Pregnant Pause and the chapter on nausea.
Obviously, the man had never dealt with morning/afternoon/night sickness.
For those of you who have, you know it's not pretty.
And one of the phone calls I got from another more sympathetic editor was,
"We love the idea but after making it through our editor's committee and publisher's committee, we've just decided we are not the right vehicle for your book."
To which I wondered, do you have another vehicle you could suggest? A pinto, maybe?
And then there was the time that I was rejected for my sample writing.
The editor had requested a variety of writing from me to see what type of writer I was.
It wasn't even a real proposal for a book. Can you even be rejected for sample writing?
Now that was hurtful.
But all these many years laters, here I am, a book and a half in hand, grateful that Jesus saw fit to let me keep on with this writing journey.
And I'm grateful that people believed with me that it would happen some day
(Thanks, Scott! Thanks, Mom and Dad!)
And I'm grateful that some folks have even gone to Barnes and Noble or Amazon or to their local Christian bookseller and purchased the book (thanks to you all, you know who you are! And by the way if by chance you have read the book and liked it at all could you please go leave a glowing review at Amazon so that my editor can see that 3 other people have read it beside my mom and sisters...thanks!)
I guess what I am saying is that there are some things that we dream about and hope for and they seem an awful long time coming but somedays you can sit down with a cup of tea and stare that dream in the face and it is a pleasure. Yes, it is.
I am all kinds of thankful that a hope stirred up in me sometime late in third grade is sitting in my lap some 30 years later.
(Now don't try and go adding up the years in your head because that will just kill my joy.)
But do keep an eye peeled this monday for the upcoming tired supergirl All I Need is Jesus pre-Christmas Spectacular!
(Okay, maybe it's not really spectacular....but it sounds great, doesn't it?)
And also for the upcoming 7 Days of Grateful Thanksgiving Giveaway here on the Tired Supergirl Blog.
And just one more's we can all be grateful.

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pendy said...

A friend gave me your book as a gift and I have to tell you, after I read the introduction I had to just stop and let that soak in! I normally just tear through a book but I've made a conscious effort to read yours slowly so I could take it all in. I just finished it this morning and LOVED the prayer from Ephesians.

Looking forward to your next book and I'm on my way over to Amazon to leave a review!