Saturday, November 7, 2009

there is never enough funny

Will was working on his math skills last night with me on the couch.
He said, "Mom, when I am 8 Jack will be 10, right?"
"When I am 10 Jack will be 12."
"Exactly." (He is obviously a genius.)
And then I posed this question, wanting to push him to his mathematical limits.
"And when you are 100, Will?"
"Jack will be dead."
I am grateful for funny. Period.

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Girly Muse said...

hahahahaha. that is GREAT.

deezmath said...

OH....good stuff. My dad's always telling me to send in Siena's little funnies to Reader's Digest's anecdotes and stuff. This is DEFINITELY one for that, Sue!!

Aly said...

HAHAHHAHAH Will is the greatest!!! (tell him for me!)