Sunday, November 8, 2009

sunday morning thoughts on chaos

One really should write about holy things on a Sunday.
Metaphors for grace. Or thoughts on peace. Maybe a pondering on love.
However, my children are bouncing off of the walls, singing a new song they made up called "Super Bootie" which does not lend itself spiritual thinking.
That's the problem with my life in is hardly ever spiritual.
There is just a whole lot of real living going on.
It's hard to think about forgiveness when the one nice piece of furniture in
our house just got a giant ding in it.
Or about grace when I have asked the children to make their bed...
for the elevendieth time.
(And why do the children always want to build forts and make messes and work on my last nerve on Sundays? Don't they know it is the Lord's Day?)
What we have here in our house is mostly rebellion and dirty socks and a strong will or 3.
(I am listening the 8 year old and 3 year old throw down even as I write....
better make this speedy....)
But maybe this is exactly where grace and peace and love come into play.
Maybe the spiritual part is that I have to invite Jesus into my chaos since surely I have not found a way to become holy like he is.
(The 3 year old has just come into the kitchen completely naked.)
I am grateful that he is not put off by my un-spiritual-ness.
Maybe the Holy Spirit feels most at home in a mess. It is where his work begins.
I'm going to think on that as I start the next load of laundry.

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Anna said...

As a mom of 5 1/2 year old triplets who has been trying to make Sunday "Sweatsuit Sunday". After church we put on our comfies and veg out in peace and quiet....HMMMM!!??? Never seems to work! Bigger messes are made, more noise and very little peace and quiet. I was pondering this when I read your comment about the holy spirit being most at home in the chaos. I love it...I'm going to let that sink in right now. Thank you.

emilymr said...

I have a song to teach them... ;)

Girly Muse said...

it is miraculous and the very grace of God that gets a mom to church on sunday mornings!

my son would so love your boys...anything with the word "bootie" sends him into the full-on snort laugh.

melpbaby said...

My six and five year old girls spank their own naked bums before bath and sing, "look at my bootie" as loud as they can. Does that make you feel any better? :)

susanna said...

yes, it actually does make me feel better! Thanks for sharing that!

Erica said...

Could I get the lyrics to "Super Bootie"? Just wondering...

Just Me,Pilgrim said...

I think Jesus LOVES chaos!!
Its a place where His grace and power can truly SHINE.... so invite him in and just let 'im at it.