Tuesday, November 3, 2009

thoughts on chairs

2 years ago I got 6 new chairs for our dining room table.
2 yellow. 4 red. I don't actually have any red decor.
But I got them for $25 each. And just like love can be blind,
so can a good sale price tag.
I promised myself that I would paint them black. 2 years ago.
I borrowed my brother in law Brett's hand sander.
I got the right kind of sand paper.
I purchased 6 cans of black semi gloss spray paint.
And then carefully put them away. For 2 years.
Every time anyone would come over I would say things like,
"They were on sale." As if that explained everything.
And finally, this week, lit by a fire of having to return
the hand sander, I painted two chairs.
They look fantastic. Sleek and simple and stark against the pine table.
But I am running out of paint.
So I now have 2 black chairs, 3 red chairs and 1 yellow chair.
Some how I feel this is symbolic of my life.
Well intentioned...some what under developed....lacking some cohesiveness....
and hoping to get 'er done at some point soon.
So today I am grateful for the grace of years and days when maybe I am not quite there yet but I am working towards a firm goal and new mercies and second chances and maybe some free afternoons to paint some chairs..

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dawn said...

don't if we ever get "there", but the journey towards the goal is still worthwhile. I actually like the term "target" instead of goal--cause it's the aiming that makes the difference.

Of course, I fully expect you to get those chairs done one day. :) Blessings!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Chairs as an analogy on life. Love it.

everydayMOM said...

great analogy!