Wednesday, September 1, 2010

meet mrs. cranky pants

So after a 10 day lapse of reality (vacation),
the Aughtmon clan flew back home and was immediately immersed in real living.
Re-entry is never pretty.
Work started the next day for both Scott and I with teacher in-service week,
followed shortly by all three boys beginning a new school year.
This resulted in some of us being very tired and quite possibly not our normal chipper selves.
After my first day with a new pre-school class of 3 and 4 year olds,
I fell asleep around 7:30 trying to go over homework with Will on the couch....
not my finest hour as a mother.
When I dragged myself off the couch to find the children running a-muck,
the living room in a shambles and homework unfinished,
I may or may not have started barking out mean-spirited orders like,
"Get your clothes out for tomorrow!"
"Pick up your socks...all 17 of them that you have thrown on the floor!"
"Brush your teeth!"
"For the love of Mike, get in bed!"
As Scott caught sight of me, hair askew, wild-eyed, he asked me,
"Are those new pants you have on?"
"What?" I said, caught off guard.
"Are those the new pants that you got in Colorado?"
"Yes," I said.
"Are those cranky pants? They seem like cranky pants.
We would like you to take those cranky pants back to the store
and get a pair of nice pants instead."
And of course, I had to start laughing since, it did seem like I was, indeed, wearing some very cranky pants.
(I am thankful that my husband has grace for me and my pants...I really am.)
It seems that my cranky pants were paired with some angry socks and an unforgiving t-shirt.
How was I to know that my clothing could be so volatile?
I told Scott,
"I am sorry I am so cranky...I am very tired...I think I should go to bed."
Scott re-assured me that he also thought I should go to bed.
Both he and the boys would love for me to go to bed.
They could carry on quite happily without me.
So I went. But first I put my cranky pants in the laundry.
I'm hoping that a good double rinse cycle and a tumble dry will turn them into
nice, friendly pants.
I may need to use some strong detergent.

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Loren said...

Oh Bless your heart!! I have sooo been there and know the blessing of a grace-filled husband! Priceless!!

Hope you get some rest and those pants come out so sweet and full of JOY!

Love and Blessings

Erica said...

Sue, you had me laughing on this one! I think Scott was pretty lucky on this one...could have gone either way, if you know what I mean!

Girly Muse said...

Aw, poor thing. I think you must have sent them my way! You have inspired me to try to snap out of it. :) Hope your days are getting better. Loves.

MrsMoreno said...

lol! I love it. I love that Scott was so understanding of your mood. Awesome hubby ;)

Brandie said...

Hilarious! And I felt so convicted here in my own cranky pants....

Pilgrim said...

Next time my husband acts all meany and weird on me, I'm going to ask him if he has HIS cranky pants on ;)
Bless your heart... I hope things get easier on you soon.