Thursday, April 7, 2011

the 6 requirements to be a good mom

I was talking to my friend, Leslie, the other day.
We were lamenting the fact that we often feel
like we are coming up short in the mom department.
That we are not the supermom we hope to be and that is disappointing
to both us and our kids.
I believe the real problem is that we have unrealistic motherhood goals...
we think we have to be a marathon running, birthday cupcaking,
homework brainiac, organizationally superb, philanthropic,
soda bottle recycling, emotionally stable, theologically sound,
sous chef, nutritionist, child psychologist type of woman
to be considered a good mom.
I decided that what we really need to do
is revamp our expectations of what it takes to be a good mom.
And maybe we should be just a touch more realistic
in what we require of ourselves..
So here goes.

To be a good mom you need to:

1. Be a girl.
2. Have a child.
3. Remember the child's name
(Or a name that sounds like their name...
Bobby and Robby are interchangeable, as are Cindy and Mindy.)
4. Feed the child.
(You can use the traditional 4 main food groups:
or Buddy the Elf's 4 main food groups:
candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.)
5. Provide the child with clean underwear.
(If they don't wear it, clearly, that is on them.)
6. Give the child lots of love and hugs and kisses.
(This one is non-negotiable.)

I believe I have taken the requirements down to the bare minimum.
Now as we compare ourselves to this list, we will find out the truth.
WE are a rockstar moms and our children are blessed to have us.
We can bask in the glow of that for at least 14 seconds or until we
have to go make dinner...whichever comes first.


Kara said...

This is hilarious! I love it!!

Kecia said...

Sounds good to me! :)

pamelitarose said...

Thanks fir the poignant reminder! Had to share it with friends. Hope all is well with your back and book and birthdays! I'm notwriting a book over here, but as for bdays the 5 of us have the first 5 months covered with each if our bdays! And as for back, mine went out for a couple of days (never happened before). I think of things like that happening to me so I might have compassion on others. :)

rachel neil said...

I loved your article.
I'm a mom too, I have 2 lovely children, one is 6 and the other is 12.

kwertz12 said...

Wow I didn't know I rocked so much as a mom...I'm a girl, I've had TWO children, I remember their names (however, sometimes I mix their names up and every now and again the dog's name gets thrown in there, they are fed every day multiple times, clean underwear is plentiful and if I got paid every time I gave out hugs and kisses, I'd stop praying to win the lottery. :)