Monday, June 6, 2011

you can help bring baby lydiah home

My friend, Dorie, makes me laugh.
I met her at a pastor's wives retreat and she was the entertainment.
She does stand up. And she killed it.
She was doing her routine by the way 6 weeks after birthing
her third child and had brought the child with her.
Clearly, she is a rockstar. Her take on life as a mom had us rolling.
We were laughing and maybe even crying a little. With tears of joy, of course.
A few days ago she sent me this e-mail and I thought I would
pass it along to you.
Mom to mom. (Or mom to dad. Either works.)
Dorie wrote me saying,

I got connected with this family through my sister Missy's mommy group
(she goes to a mommy and me group for children with down syndrome
since my nephew has down syndrome) who have adopted a little boy with
down syndrome from an orphanage in the Ukraine. While they were there
last year, they saw a little baby girl named Lydiah that they felt the
Lord had also placed in their heart to adopt so they came back to the
U.S. and began the process to adopt her too!

They have completed the paperwork and all the details are in place,
but it is costly to adopt overseas because there are plane tickets to
be purchased and they need to stay in that nation for 6 weeks in order
to finalize the adoption before the child can be released so there are
costs involved there. The family borrowed a lot of the money to get
their son home quickly and cannot afford to do this adoption that way
again..they are raising all the funds this time. It has been 6 months
and they have raised close to $10,000, but are still in need of almost
$16,000. They are in desperate need of our prayers for finances as
time is of the essence...the government in the Ukraine is trying to
close adoptions to the U.S.! They really need to leave to get her
this month!

Tired supergirls, meet Lydiah!
Could she be any cuter? I don't think so!

So here at the tired supergirl blog, we have been invited to participate
in bringing Lydiah home to be with her family.
And I don't know about you but I would like to be a part of that.
If you would like to donate towards bringing Lydiah home.
They are hosting a giveaway at the Love For Little Lydiah blog.
By donating towards Lydiah's cause you are entered in a giveaway
for a chance to win a Kindle, a pearl ring, or $100visa gift card
for every $5 that is donated at:
Love For Little Lydiah by June 15!

It would also be great for you to pass this opportunity along to those you
know and put a link on your FB page or your blog.
I know for sure that Lydiah will appreciate it.


Hansina said...

Lydiah's mom thanks you for this amazing post! You truly are a supergirl! Blessings to you!

The Sanchez Family said...

Thank you for posting about this!!!!

Joy K said...

Lydiah's Auntie thanks you too!! She is a well loved baby girl - let's get her home!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Let's get Little Lydiah home!!