Tuesday, February 18, 2014

keep looking up

Ever since I hurt my back riding my bike 3 years ago,
I have paid very close attention to its twinges and spasms.
At the nearest hint of injury, I am laid out on my couch icing it.
My ice pack and I have become dear friends.
We spend a lot of quality time together.
When Addison was filling in a questionnaire for his Mother's Day project last year,
on the line where it said, My Mom likes to......
he wrote, "lay on the couch with her ice pack."
Sad and yet, in so many ways, true.
The other day, my oldest Jack passed by me on the couch and said,
"Look, everybody, it's Mom in her natural habitat."
Due to a new exercise regimen, I have once again irritated my back.
What exercise you might ask? Running? Zumba? Pole Vaulting?
Nope. Try walking.
Yes. That thing that one is required to do on a regular basis to move from point a to point b.
I was trying out a new walking routine where you alternate speeds of walking to boost your
endurance and metabolism.
I thought it sounding like a great idea. My back did not.
So as I curl up with my ice pack, and pop ibuprofen and muscle relaxants,
I am left with 2 options: 1) feel sorry for myself or 2) focus on what I can do.
I reserve the right to do both.
But I have noticed when I am laid out  my face is pointing heavenward.
It seems that I have a third option. Focusing on the One who is my healer.
In my moments of deep despair at being immobilized I have a physical reminder
that my help comes from the one who spoke stars and planets into existence.
My Grandma Blakeley ended every birthday card with the saying, Keep looking up.
She had her fair share of wildness, joy, heartache and adventure in her lifetime but
she knew the living truth that the Psalmist knew.
I lift my eyes unto the hills. Where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.
I have resigned myself to the couch today.
But I am also lifting my eyes to the One who saves, delivers, heals and
brings more relief than an ice pack.
I'm going to do what Grandma says.
Keep Looking Up.


Erin said...

I needed this one today as my back is having fun in the "spasm" department and my children are pushing every button there is. Thanks for being real!

susanna said...

Erin! I am sorry that your back is not doing well - it is no fun! Blessings on you friend...may your children stop with the buttons and my your healing be swift! :)