Thursday, February 20, 2014

why i love my earlobes right now

I have noticed that when one is in pain that almost all you can think about is
being in pain.
Or you think about all the things you can't do because you are in pain.
Or you think about how great life was before you were in pain.
And then you start feeling depressed.
And you want to eat chocolate
And just thinking about chocolate makes your thighs feel bigger.
And that makes you more depressed.
I find when I am struggling or hurting, whether it is physically or emotionally,
my mind seems bent on thinking negative, depressing, brow beaten kind of thoughts.
It is a battle to keep my mind on track, full of hope and thanksgiving.
So I have decided to try and outwit the cycle today.
I want to keep my thoughts on the right track like Paul reminds us to do in Philippians 4:8,
thinking about things that are true, lovely and of good report.
I am going to NOT think about how my back hurts and how this pain radiates
out into all my extremities. (true...but mostly not lovely and of discouraging report)
I am going to focus on the five areas of my body that are being extremely kind to me
and are not causing me pain. (true, lovely and of good report)
1. My earlobes
They are my dearest friends at the moment. Very pain free. I love you, ear lobes.
2. My knuckles
On occasion they have been swollen but at present they are blessedly mobile and
very bendy. I love that about them.
3. My cuticles.
Both my toe cuticles and fingernail cuticles have made a pact with each other to
be kind to me. There is not a hangnail in sight. You guys are the best.
4. My kneecaps
These guys are really doing a great job of protecting my knee joints. I have heard
from other friends that their knee caps are not as nice. Today, mine are lovely.
5. My hair follicles
What can I say about these guys? I love them. I hope they never stop working.
I am so thankful that they have not turned against me.
I feel better already.
Tomorrow instead of thinking about all the things I can't clean while I am laid out on the couch
I am going to focus on the 5 areas of my house that remain clean while
I am laid out on the couch.
That list may be a little bit harder to come up with....

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