Thursday, April 17, 2014

peace, hope and hair

This morning I was picking up around the house and found Will's craft from
last Sunday's Kids on the Path meeting.
The lesson was about Jesus dying on the cross and what Jesus did for us.
The kids made a cross to illustrate what He did on our behalf.
On one side of Will's construction paper cross he had small pieces
of black paper that listed the bad things Jesus saved us from:
fear, sin and sickness.
And on the other side it listed all the things that Will was thankful to Jesus for.
On colorful pieces of paper the following were listed:
life, faith, peace, hope...and hair.
I laughed out loud when I saw that. And then I choked up a little.
Will has naturally curly blonde hair that he is fond of.
It makes him unique. No one else in our family has hair like that.
From the depths of his heart, Will is thankful that Jesus gave him curls.
I love that about him.
And from the depths of my heart, I am thankful that Jesus gave me Will.

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